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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Gracie is Home!

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Grace Sales
Missionary Midwife

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Please forgive me. This update is going out much later than planned. The baby's haven't been giving me a break to write lately. Coffee is becoming a good friend and I'm perfecting the art of "power naps".  But I’m getting ahead of myself. Please grab a cuppa, and settle in, this update is going to be a long one!

First, I'd like to start by saying Thank You! Thank you for faithfully following my journey and supporting me every step of the way. Moving across the world to a foreign country has been very difficult but the response I get to my updates has kept me going.  I've been overwhelmed by the encouragement and support I've received from people's comments, private messages, financial support, care packages, and just letting me know that you’re praying. This was a team effort and you have been an incredible team! You carried me through the last 2&1/2 years.  Let me recap what we accomplished together……..

In January 2015, I moved to Davao City Philippines with 5 other "soon to be midwives" and one family with 2 little boys. We completed language school then began learning the ways of a midwife and serving in the maternity clinic. After assisting with many births, In July 2015, I got to welcome my first “catch”.

In September 2015, I lead a team of midwives to the mountains to live, serve, and share the love of Jesus for a month. During that month we showed the Jesus film, baptized 12 believers, hosted Bible Studies, and planted a church.  You helped plant a church in a remote village in the Philippines!  I'm so excited to say that this church is still growing and flourishing. A few other teams have been sent to follow up and encourage the young believers there and I was recently told that they are beginning plans for building their first church building.

I returned to Davao City with a new perspective and compassion for the women I was there to serve.  My miraculous time in the mountains profoundly impacted my walk with God and deeply rooted my trust in His provision and His faithfulness.

In the midst of 2 years of prenatal checkups, teaching health classes, hosting health outreaches and delivering babies, the Lord provided countless opportunities to share His love and mercy with the people of Davao. I shared their lives and I often shared their pain. We endured the news of a horrible kidnapping, terrorist bombing at our neighborhood market and most recently martial law.  I know it was your prayers that gave me peace and strength; I never felt afraid.

My commitment in Davao is complete.  However, I know this has just been another step toward preparing me for future work overseas. My long term goal is to be back serving the Lord’s treasured woman in the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Discussions with Sending Agencies have made it clear that I will need to be licensed midwife to enter many countries, so I continue working toward that goal.

I moved my belongings back to San Diego, and recharged for 2 weeks before the next phase of my preparation.  I am now in Washington State for a month to serve under a U.S. midwife, practice my birth skills in English (new concept!) and meet the “10 U.S. Births”, requirement for my certification exam.  After this I will return to my parent’s home, take a few required courses, look for opportunities to keep up my midwifery skills and work for Reaching the Hungry part time.

I am excited to say, that while I am preparing for my next overseas journey, I will continue to do what I love right here in San Diego. Working for Reaching the Hungry, I will be helping to plan outreaches, leading teams, learning from my father about sending teams, ideally discipling women, strategically encouraging missionaries, sending donations to missionary partners, and growing in my capacity to serve the Lord.

Many of you have been faithfully supporting me financially and in prayer for the last 2 ½ years. I cannot thank you enough! I want to ask you to continue to partner with me. I am not done.  I am really just ramping up and I need your support more than ever. The financial support will be used to help with expenses specific to the Midwifery License Exam, Courses and Training for my next assignment and salary to allow Reaching the Hungry to hire me part time.  I pray you will consider me an investment worth continuing.

It has been a privilege and an honor being sent by you to serve in Davao City, Philippines, I hope our relationship will continue. When I return from Washington my parents will be hosting a reception for my Team.  Please watch for the invitation.

I am astounded that I got to be a part of almost 200 births and I got to personally deliver 49 beautiful babies!  You were there with me!

With love, Grace Sales

P.S. I delivered 9 babies in my first 3 weeks in Washington!

Prayer Requests:
  • It's such a mixture of relief and grief being back in the US, while missing my Davao family. Please pray for my transition off the field.  This is usually very difficult for me.
  • Please pray for my time with my brother Chase.  It’s very important that I invest in this relationship before I make my next commitment overseas. I am praying that he might go with me some day.
  • I will need to observe 2 U.S. Hospital Births, I will offer my services as a doula.  I have no agenda other than the chance to observe. Please pray for 2 willing families.
  • I will be moving back in with my parents and they are downsizing to a much smaller house.  Please pray for all of us as we adjust to living together again.
  • Please pray that this time of rest and preparation will be blessed by the Lord. Especially pray that I will discern His will and be ready when the next assignment comes.       ~    ~      (760) 310-2324 

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