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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Respectfully Somber Kind of a Day

A Respectfully Somber Kind of a Day

 By Lisa Sales

Carlos and I separated from the team, with Tabitha as interpreter, and set out to a village to install a well and minister to the women and children.  I prayed as we drove out to the village, “Lord, you know me.  I like to be a part of a team.  I’ll encourage Lori as she dances with the women or help Christine as she organizes the children coloring, or assist Elaine as she teaches the women to sew.  I don’t know how I’ll manage all of that alone. Show me what this village needs.”
This village was different.  No greeting of song and dance from the women and no playing children today. There was a funeral yesterday and the village was to remain respectfully, somber.
Tabitha and I sat where we could watch the women work, hoping a few might get a chance to visit.  A kind women suggested we sit on the front porch of one of the village homes.
Then, without a plan or a program, women started to gather and they seemed to want to talk. Tabitha, our Reaching the Hungry Partner, interpreted while we talked about the funeral the day before, what happens after death, what are their hopes, are they afraid.  “I have no doubt I’m going to heaven when I die.  Do you want to know how I can be so sure?”  The women listened attentively as I explained God’s plan of salvation for them and they eagerly agreed to pray with me. After the prayer the mood changed instantly and they were obviously in no hurry to leave. So I asked… “Are you curious about Americans? You can ask me anything!”  We talked for hours. We talked about the expected age of marriage, what women look for in a husband, what women do if their husband leaves and what women do if they can’t find a husband.  My favorite question came from a beautiful women who asked where my husband was, she said she was going to try to take him.  When I told her she couldn’t have him, she asked if we could share.  Everyone had a great laugh at that, even though I suspect her question was a real one.
The next day our whole team came back to that village to finish the well and play with the children and color with the women.  Today we had our time of singing and dancing!  The 30 women that prayed with me the day before gave the Angels in Heaven something to sing and dance about, they just didn’t know it.

The Lord knew I needed, “a respectfully, somber” kind of a day. The Lord knows us.   He graciously and lovingly stretches us and even uses us when we’re willing.  Please prayerfully consider going with us on a Reaching the Hungry Trip.  You won’t regret it, your life may be transformed forever.

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