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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Malawi Mission Trip - August 2018

A collection of our Malawi Team's posts while we were in country:

Days 1-3

Christy Carter: We were able to travel 22 hours and meet some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met in my life! Our team of 7 helped to put in 8 water wells and bring joy and the story of Jesus to 3 different villages, a total of over 72 families!!! God is good!!
Zac Beougher: Had a fantastic 2nd day here in Malawi, Africa!! The Reaching the Hungry team divided and conquered 3 wells along with games and coloring and bracelets with the women and children in each village. What a joy it is was to share the hope of Jesus with the whole village that I was at after installing the well. The Jesus film went great! Thank you, Norma, for sharing your story with the crowd there.

Day 4

Christy Carter: We were able to visit our partners orphanage. She runs the orphanage with little no help with 21 + children sometimes. She needs more support financially for those beautiful babies ....
Wade Campbell: Today RTH Team moved to Nkhoma in the south to spend time with an amazing lady, Nicole, doing God’s work for orphans. Currently, there are 21 children ranging from 3 weeks to 9 years old. As you can see affection, love, tickling and laughter are the same on this side of the world. The children sang songs like “Jesus in the King of the Jungle” and “Jesus is the King of the Universe”. God’s spirit was high amongst us. After a short break we are heading back now to spend the evening with them.

Day 5

Norma Puerta: Blessed Sunday. - Our RtH team spent the day worshipping and connecting with the people of Dowa District. Our team leader, Zac, had an opportunity to share and encourage the congregation to preservere. After the service, the Chiefs meeting was held. Multiple Chiefs shared their testimonies of abandoning their faith in charms to place their faith in Jesus Christ; they encouraged and challenged one another to be the Christian leaders their villages need. Amen! We also held an reading glasses clinic and presented Talking Bibles to village chiefs to take back to their villages. This will help the villages continue strong in their faith and walk with Christ. Thank you to all of our supporters. The LORD is blessing Malawi.
Christy Carter: Africa Day 5 - we drove 3.5 hours to attend a chiefs’ meeting of over 50 chiefs and many village members, a church service, and an eyeglass fitting for the people of the villages.
Zac Beougher: This Sunday in Malawi included a church service out in the bush in which we had the opportunity to preach, reading glasses clinic, share with the chiefs at their meeting, and then present them with Talking Bibles (audio recordings of the New Testament). Nicole (our friend who runs the orphanage we visited) was able to join us. Just a solid day 😊

Day 6

Christy Carter: Truly needed days of rest and reflection. The days in the villages were very long days and very emotional and thought-provoking days ... thank God for His beautiful creation of this world. There is so much to see and be thankful for!!
Ty Campbell: Our Malawi team enjoyed a nice rest day after the last four days of work installing a record 8 water wells, spending time with the Chief Ministries, and playing with the children at an orphanage. We enjoyed some beautiful African landscapes and animals. Sharing the word of God with some of the locals that were our escorts is what our team is here to accomplish. Tomorrow, we’ll start with devotionals and another beautiful blessed day in Africa.

Days 7-9

Nathan Giles: Today was our day of rest and reflection here in Malawi. We’ve come to the last couple days of our time here and are starting to process through everything we have experienced. With four people on our team who have never been to Malawi before, it has been amazing to see how their perspectives have changed. At the same time, my fourth trip feels so much different from my first. No matter how many times I leave the U.S., I always seem to return changed in some way. It is this time of reflection that allows us to take a step back and discover how God has used these new experiences and relationships to shape us and our futures.
Zac Beougher: The last days that brought this incredible trip to an end were full of rest, reflection and saying goodbye to our friends. It was also good to spend some time taking through how God has used this trip and process what happened. We gathered together as one team united, the Reaching the Hungry US and Malawi team for a Partners Dinner. Then, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye and the team has safely arrived back in LA. Thank you for everyone’s prayers and supporters for making this possible!! What an immense joy it is to be a part of what the Lord is doing and see how He is working in Malawi.

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