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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Accumulation of Malawian Moments - July 2016

5 water wells, 1,000's saw Jesus Film, 100 Talking Bibles...
Lives Changed forever!

Preaching in Wales By Olivia Sales

I'm in Wales! Land of fish, and rocks, and things to see! My time here so far has been so full of lovely people, incredible godly wisdom, and so much laughter and joy, I can't manage to write it all up. So instead of writing up a post this week, I thought I would share with you the same thing I preached in church on Sunday. So I've attached a link to it below.

The church, Bethel Chapel in Pembrook Dock, Wales was built in 1845. About 12 years ago, this small Baptist church went through series of changes and lost their pastor. For nine years the small (sometimes down to only four people) and almost all over 60+ years of age congregation kept the church running themselves because they strongly heard God telling them to do so. As a long awaited answer to prayer, Foursquare Pastors, Mike & Mary Bave have been pastoring here for the last three years and now Bethel Chapel has the remarkable quality of being of being a Foursquare Baptist church. I had the honor of teaching in this beautiful 171 year old sanctuary on Sunday to these incredibly faithful people who truly understand what it means to be the faithful remnant. Much love & tea & biscuits,
Olivia Faith Sales

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mexico Back to School Outreach - August 13, 2016

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Friday, July 22, 2016

"Malawi Africa" by Alison Sales

I never thought I would be able to go to Africa. I definitely never thought I would have the opportunity to go with both my parents, my little brother, and my best friend. Not to mention my brand new spiritual mentor and her whole family. God hand-picked our team from the very beginning. He even provided me with Mrs. Blair as a fellow introvert and academic to give my brain some good school-talk breaks.

While our team was perfectly picked, from the start I felt my insecurities growing. Surely my parents
were called to ministry but what about me? Of course Briana and the other teens were great with kids,
but I’d never been a good public speaker and I certainly was not cool like them. I listened to all sorts of lies about my identity throughout the trip. Yet over and over again God kept speaking to me—this team is hand-picked Alison and that means you are just as important and vital a member as everyone else.

He spoke through my team members to combat the enemies’ lies. They told me, the anxiety attacks you are having don’t make you weak or incapable, God will honor your sacrifice. Being an introvert doesn’t make you less effective they said, these people need to be seen and listened too. You might not be able to sing beautiful songs for them, or organizes three hundred kids into a spectacularly fun game-time, but you can hold hands with a child and hug the women who have been overlooked. One teammate even told me there was no way she would have been able to keep going without me. If my purpose was to hold the team together and remain positive and encouraging for them then that alone was enough of a reason for God to call me to Africa. He used me to help them be effective.

The passage of scripture that became my theme for the whirlwind 12 days is found in 1 Kings 19. It is a part of Elijah’s story that I have always loved. When he is in the middle of trouble and trial and
difficulties God comes and reveals himself to Elijah. Surprisingly God is not in the earthquake, and he doesn’t even appear in the mighty fire. Instead God comes to Elijah in a still small whisper.

Travelling to Malawi, Africa, was filled with miracles, wonders, changed lives and powerful beauty I
never thought I would be honored to experience. I cried more tears than humanly possible and smiled
till my face was sore. But while the whole trip felt like a wild earthquake and a blazing fire God is
speaking to me much more in small miraculous whispers. He cares about my identity and he cares about your identity in him. He showed me how to be useful for his glory—as an introvert, as someone who doesn’t have skills to command a crowd or share the gospel eloquently, as a nervous anxiety-ridden child he used me. It doesn’t take a crazy trip to tune into God’s voice, what is he whispering to you?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Olivia/UK - A “Daily Dose of Courage” & A Ceramic Cow Mug

Goodbyes: Pastor Niron at Cafechurch 
Goodbyes: Tracy & Rachel at Food Bank

Goodbyes: Myna & Ivonne at Cafechurch 

Though I'm only a little over half done with my time here in the UK, this past week was a week of goodbyes as I left my host site of the past four weeks. A few days ago, I packed up, cleaned out my room and headed off to these last few days of beautiful weather and rest at Pastor Surekha and Pastor Chrishani’s house before the next part of my internship. But perhaps I'm jumping ahead of myself...

About a week ago I got to be a part of one of my favorite things in this world: a house group. Now perhaps you think that is a strange thing for year 21 year old girl to be wildly excited about. That's fair. However, house groups have been my passion since I started leading them after high school and they are the reason I have decided to pursue full-time ministry. When done right, they are incredible for enacting change in your life, getting to learn more about God, and bringing you into healthy, strong community. I could probably wax eloquently further still on the subject but I think you catch my enthusiasm here.

I was given the opportunity to teach a leader training for house groups at my host site (like father, like daughter, eh?). The house group was product of this training and it was a wonderful thing to be a part of. It was a group of eight Iranian men who spoke mostly Farsi and only a few spoke minimal english, We sat around talked about the EuroCup final and one man played the harmonica beautifully while we waited for everyone to arrive. The group leader asked the men their reasons for coming. Through this simple question I heard several stories of lives led through Iran, Islam, alcoholism, and family trouble and out to finding God. I heard genuine and simple answers of “to learn more about God”, and one man even said that he came simply because he heard “an american lady” was coming and he wanted to know why I would come all this way just to talk with them. So sitting on a little couch, squashed between several Iranian expats and drinking tea out of a ceramic cow mug, I shared with the men the passion God has given me for house groups and the regular meeting of believers to “fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers”. (Acts 2:42-47)
The First of Hopefully Many House Groups!
Some of you may have read my previous post about being discouraged. I think that often we get discouraged when we lose sight of who we are, not simply who we think we are but who God intentionally created us to be. When I am taking part in or leading a house group, the feeling that God is saying “This is what I created you to do” washes over me. There I am in my element and I have such a clear view of this aspect of my identity in Christ. When I was taking part in this house group, I was so encouraged because I felt reaffirmed in my identity in Christ. Do you have something  similar that reminds you of your identity in Christ?

In Ephesians 2, Paul writes about our new lives in Christ and pens these words “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Being created intentionally for specific work in Christ, if that isn’t identity what is? When we lose sight of this truth, we are bound to get discouraged.Yet, God is faithful. When I was discouraged, God reminded me of one of the things that He created me to do. What do you feel God created you for?

Waiting For A Food Bank Delivery & 
Representing LPC Global Life!
All this to say, that God is working here in the big and in the little! And even greater than that he has already worked something in all of us!

And that is my daily dose of courage for you.

Much Love & Curried Chips,
Olivia Faith Sales

Friday, July 15, 2016

"Sight for the Blind" by Alison Sales

11 people, 12 days, 100 talking bibles, 5 water wells, and the power of the Gospel resulted in hundreds of Malawian’s accepting Christ this June. Africa is never going to be the same and neither am I. I have been working on my Masters in English Literature for the last year and I’m not sure you could possibly find someone who loves reading more than me. I devour books, or as my little sis likes saying I eat books for breakfast. In order to read, and study, and just see in general, I have always worn glasses. So I was especially excited about fitting the people of Malawi with reading glasses. I loved learning how to get them the correct prescription and try on different frames. However, nothing prepared me for their looks of joy when they were finally able to read clearly! Of course we had translators, so the man speaking Chichewa would tell me word for word as men and woman laughed and cried and shared their stories of watching the blurred words become clear and distinct and readable. I didn’t need a translator to understand their excitement and joy.

While we were in Malawi we showed the Jesus Film several times on a large projector in the middle or remote villages. Each night I would sit down with hundreds of people who were mesmerized by
watching Jesus heal the sick and then die on the cross for them. Over and over again I was specifically touched by the scene where Jesus gives sight to the blind man. The Malawian’s in the audience would always exclaim loudly and even clap when the scales fell from the man’s eyes.

Fitting people with reading glasses reminded me of how none of Jesus’ miracles have ended. When he walked on the earth he gave sight to the blind and now his Holy Spirit still guides Christians to give physical and spiritual sight to the blind.

This was the first Reaching the Hungry trip in Africa that has done an eyeglasses clinic. In my opinion it could not have been more successful. I met dozens of villages’ leaders, hardworking mothers and even chiefs who told me they needed the glasses because they could no longer read the Bible without them. I love Jesus deeply and I love reading so so so much. Yet I was shocked to discover how blind my eyes have been—fitting men and woman with eyeglasses showed me my own blindness. Their clear expressions of pure joy and unfiltered excitement, their claps when Jesus heals the people in the film, and their loud calls of “Alleluia” have given me new sight.