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Monday, April 8, 2019

Gracie's Philippines Blog

Going Back
by Grace Beougher (Sales)

Going back was harder at first then I imagined. 

I was so excited to go with the team, including my fiance, Zac, and show them my life there but part of me didn't know if returning would bring back all the stress that I felt when I was there or if it would feel like a heartbreak when the time came to return to the States again. 

Ever since my first overseas missions trip with my dad to Malawi when I was 17 yrs. old (nearly 10 years ago!), I've struggled with culture-shock and heartache each time I stepped off a plane and back onto U.S. soil. Part of my heart was left with each ministry I worked with and each seed I planted/watered. However, leaving the Philippines last year to return to the U.S. was a much more severe separation than ever before. I had been gone longer this time and I experienced stress, fatigue, and loss during my time in the Philippines. Being back home in the U.S. felt comfortable and safe which made part of me want to avoid the feelings involved in returning to my host culture (the Philippines) and then having to say goodbye to it once more. 

With my dad on one side and Zac on the other, I gained the courage and motivation to return. If they experienced what I had maybe they would begin to understand my stories. 

We returned to the small mountain village where I had spent almost a month 3 years prior. The little community of believers that my previous team had the privilege of baptizing was now ready for their first church building and they were in need of supplies to build the foundation. Our small team, my dad (Carlos), my fiance (now husband! Zac), med-student (Kenya), basketball guru (Tanner), and myself were packed onto several motorcycles for the hour trip up the mountain into the village. We spent the night in hammocks, visited the homes of the people, and hosted a Jesus film "movie night" for everyone there. After our night in the village, we hopped on a bus for 7 hours and headed toward Davao (where I had spent majority of my two and a half years there serving in the maternity clinic). There we met our ministry partners the Wicks. 

With the Wick family and their ministry team we got to:

  • Visit House of Hope (a home for children fighting cancer)
  • Help with their kids ministry "Buhi" (much like a weekly VBS program)
  • Play lots of basketball with their basketball ministry (which instills godly principles in children and teaches them how to memorize scripture)
  • Serve with a food program
  • Share at a truck rally (with some of the wealthiest and most influential men in Davao)
  • Attend & Encourage the Wick's church
  • Distribute Love Packs (food, toiletries, & other necessities delivered door-to-door to the poorest communities in Davao)
  • Pray over many many people!
  • Also, Kenya and I were able to serve a couple times in the clinic that I had worked with before. It was a whirlwind of a trip and God worked mightily. 
It was a privilege to show my home to the team and I was reminded of all the wonderful things I missed about living in the Philippines. It was filled with fun memories and joy and less anxiety then I had imagined in returning. God allowed me to re-experience so many things that I loved about my previous time in my host culture.

Ultimately, I was reminded that the anxieties a person can have when traveling to another country can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether this is the first time going on a trip or whether they've been going for 10 years, stepping off a plane in a new culture is not an easy thing to do, even if you're certain it's what God has asked you to do. Mission Trips are difficult; they can be stressful and anxiety-producing but when you take the opportunities that God has given you, to love in ways that He has equipped you, He will show up. God will always reach towards us through ways we couldn't have imagined and often in ways that stretch us in our fears and anxieties. Going on a Mission Trip and following through with the prayer, fundraising, traveling, and evangelism may just be God's way of reaching towards you & His children living half a world away. 

If you see some of yourself in my story or maybe you sense God asking you to reach out, consider joining RTH on the next trip to the Philippines this summer:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving From Reaching the Hungry!

Giving Tuesday Tuesday, Nov. 27th
#GivingTuesday is coming up! Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

On Nov. 27th, Facebook and PayPal are matching donations a total of up to $7 million on Facebook. Your donations to Reaching the Hungry through our Facebook donate button on Nov. 27th could be matched! Mark your calendar & make your donation on Nov. 27th!

Mexico Christmas Outreach Saturday, Dec. 8th
We are partnering with a church in Tijuana, Mexico to host a Christmas Outreach on Saturday, Dec 8th. We're collecting Christmas gifts, blankets, & dry goods to bless 300 children & their families in this community. We're also having medical, dental, and reading glass clinics to serve the people. We will also have lots of food, and lots of fun activities for the children! Will you join us?

Safety Note: We are in close communication with our partners in Mexico and they have assured that it is safe to cross the border and back into the U.S. during this time. Pastor Carlos will being going down a couple days before the outreach to insure that there aren't any issues.

If you can't make it but would like to send Christmas gifts with us for the outreach, check out our Amazon Christmas WishList (it will send automatically to our donation intake for the outreach).

Mexico Orphanage Trip Saturday, Sept 29th
We returned to bless the beautiful children of Orfanatorio Emmanuel. It was one of the best times we've had there! The children are getting to know some that have been before and have developed new friendships as well. Here's what we did:

  • The children were blessed with a wonderful story time by Rosario Franco.
  • Dr. Eric (pediatrician that was with us) gave every child check-up. He reported that it was really nice to see that they all doing well and are getting good care.
  • Lots of fun crafts, yard activities, and games. 
  • A delicious lunch... hamburgers that were bigger than some of their heads. Plus, amazing street tacos! 
  • We thoroughly cleaned all the children's rooms, restrooms, hallways, and stairwells. 
  • We thoroughly cleaned their kitchen!
  • We painted their back stairwell.
  • We hung curtain rods in all the children's rooms.
  • We fixed several doors and door jams. 
  • A drywall crew went back down to patch holds, work on several of their ceilings and door jams. 
  • Trips fees also provided the funds to do some badly needed roofing. 
Here's a VIDEO from this trip as well as some PICTURES.

Malawi Discipleship Training Oct 21st-Nov 2nd, 2018
Pastor Carlos & Dr. Mark Williams have returned from our latest trip to Malawi. Here's what they did during this trip (from the words of Pastor Mark):
  • We trained over 100 in Discipleship Journeys with Jesus and how to use the materials (which are now in Chichewa language).
  • We trained all of these in "House Church Planting" for 2 days. This was in partnership with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI).
  • We certified 23 Certified Trainers for the House Church Planting materials. (These can now train others in House Church Planting.
  • We installed one water well in a village and repaired one in another village. I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel at the dedication and about 50 prayed to receive salvation.
  • We showed the Jesus Film to a village and close to 300 people made decisions to accept Christ.
  • We spoke at a fundraising church service to raise funds for a building for a new church plant (3 hours outside partially shaded under trees.
  • We spoke to about 58 village chiefs to introduce DJJ (another outdoor meeting under trees for about 1.5 hours). Handed out 10 talking Bibles.
  • We visited a mission station pioneered by the famous Scottish Missionary David Livingstone.
To continue or to begin supporting the work we're doing in Malawi, click HERE or go to, and to find out more about Discipleship Journeys with Jesus, click HERE.