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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to be a Sender By Alison Sales

Every time someone goes on a trip with RTH there are dozens and even hundreds of people supporting them and praying for them. 

Jesus only had 12 followers that he called apostles, which means "sent ones". But Jesus had dozens of followers that he called disciples who encouraged, supported, shared with, and prayed for those "sent ones". 

No mission's trip is ever possible without senders! 

As a disciple of Christ we may not all be able to pack up and be his apostles in Africa, Central American or South America. But as his beloved children we are all called to be "senders" in some capacity. You might be able to host a dinner where a trip member can share their stories. Or maybe you can send the last $10 they needed to raise for a water well that will save lives. You could even be the encouraging friend that takes them to Target before their flight for last-minute bug spray and a journal. Be creative.

You are invited to have your fingerprints all over this mission. You are invited to share in the blessing of transferring hope to the physically and spiritually starving people of the world! You are invited. 

How can you be a sender? Many missionary senders traditionally get asked for prayer support and financial support. Yet having a successful team takes much more than prayer and money. Often team members are scared, insecure, lack enough connections to get funding, and need frequent reminders that God will provide peace, safety, health, etc. How can you join a team and share your energy and strength with them?

Nothing is too small for God to use--a letter, a verse, fasting, a coffee date, a five dollar bill, a text message-- and none of it is out of His ability to multiply.

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