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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Preaching in Wales By Olivia Sales

I'm in Wales! Land of fish, and rocks, and things to see! My time here so far has been so full of lovely people, incredible godly wisdom, and so much laughter and joy, I can't manage to write it all up. So instead of writing up a post this week, I thought I would share with you the same thing I preached in church on Sunday. So I've attached a link to it below.

The church, Bethel Chapel in Pembrook Dock, Wales was built in 1845. About 12 years ago, this small Baptist church went through series of changes and lost their pastor. For nine years the small (sometimes down to only four people) and almost all over 60+ years of age congregation kept the church running themselves because they strongly heard God telling them to do so. As a long awaited answer to prayer, Foursquare Pastors, Mike & Mary Bave have been pastoring here for the last three years and now Bethel Chapel has the remarkable quality of being of being a Foursquare Baptist church. I had the honor of teaching in this beautiful 171 year old sanctuary on Sunday to these incredibly faithful people who truly understand what it means to be the faithful remnant. Much love & tea & biscuits,
Olivia Faith Sales

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