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Monday, January 7, 2013

Partnering in Mexico Over The Holidays

December 7-10, 2012
Click HERE to see slide show from our trip
Rancho Poiema - God used a great team to start a large farming project to help the ranch become self-sustaining.  We fenced off 1.15 acres, prepared the land, identified what to grow, designed an irrigation plan and divided the field into 8 sections for farming.

Testimony of transformation... 
"If I wasn't here at Rancho Poiema I'd be dead too like the 2 guys I hung out with. Both got killed in the last 3 months. Thank you God for saving me and giving me a 2nd chance."

December 15, 2012 

Case de mi Padre - About 80 people went down to help bless a community in Rosarita with a  Children's Christmas Outreach.  There was a band, crafts, lunch, bounce house, Gospel message and Christmas gifts for all the children.  God blessed us with so many extra gifts that we were able to take almost 300 gifts to the men at Rancho Poiema to give to their children.

Students from The Father's House that were part of our farming trip. 
Future Trip... January 17, 2013
 I will be taking our Farming Leadership Team down to...
    - Teach several sessions on farming related topics
    - Install irrigation system
    - Build planting station 'green house'
    - Get some planting started and master growing plan completed for the year
    - Get fertilizer plan started
    - Fix the school bus and maybe the forklift too   
    - Start talks about raising animals
    - I'm working on getting a Vet to join us, so the animals can get check-ups.  

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