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Friday, October 7, 2011

Malawi Mission's Trip Partnership

Dear friend,  

I will be leading a mission’s trip to Malawi from November 5-19, 2011. Malawi is one of 53 countries in Africa and it’s one of the top 10 poorest countries in the WORLD.

We are going to share the love of God in Word and deed. We will be sharing God’s Word with them; teaching several days of spiritual and leadership training, using the Evangel Cube to share the Gospel, and setting up Talking Bible Listening Groups. We will also express God’s love by giving the gifts of  clean water & farming inputs (to sustain physical life), soccer equipment (to provide joy, especially for the children), and Talking Bibles (for the many who can’t read, to provide hope through the hearing of God’s Word).

Africa is in major water crises and millions of people are dying due to lack of safe drinking water. One of our team members has 40-years of experience drilling and repairing water wells. Our goal is to drill and repair 3 water wells while we’re there. This will save thousands of lives, many of them young children. Most children under 5-years-old that get sick, due to waterborne diseases do not survive.

No other humanitarian intervention has a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water. Roughly every minute, 3 children die, because of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. The lack of clean water creates a no-win situation for millions of parents in our world today... they watch helplessly as their children die for lack of water, or they can watch them die from diarrhea, because the only water they have is tainted.

Please help us make a difference. We need to raise $15,000 for the water well projects. This may seem like a large sum but if everyone that reads this letter would consider skipping a few extras this month (i.e., eating out, their Starbuck runs, a few movies, etc.) and contribute those funds, than lives will be changed forever. Not just ours, but those that don’t have the liberty to choose where they were born.

Above our project goals each team member, including myself needs to raise $3,000 to pay for their transportation, food and lodging. I’m writing you today because our goals are God sized goals and we are asking God to use you.

Would you please partner with us in this important work by sending a gift to Reaching the Hungry? You can send your gift to the address below, or go to and use your credit card. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Thank you for your generosity.

Together on the journey,


Donations checks should be sent to Reaching the Hungry at the address below, or by clicking the Donate button above to use your credit card or Paypal Account.
755 Vista Canyon Circle; Vista, CA 92084 ~ ~ 760.523.0777

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