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Monday, March 14, 2011

Please Pray for Japan

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For those that don't know... Lisa, my wife's father is Japanese, her maiden name is Watanabe, and I'm part Chinese.  I was born not too far from Japan in Hong Kong.  We've had many students from Japan live with us throughout the years... many "daughters" that are in Japan.  We have only heard from one of them, so far.  Our heart goes out to the people of Japan.  Please join us in praying for them and putting our faith into action and asking God what would He have us do to show His love and to take His Good News that offers hope and peace to the people of Japan?

World Vision is one of our ministry partners that we have worked with for the last 3+ years in Africa and other parts of the world.  They have been showing God's love in Word and deed to 112 countries around the world.  

A little over 6-years ago a missionary friend in Japan had a vision from God that  the island of Japan was baptized and given a new birth.
This was written in 2005... Click HERE 
Situation facts
  • March 11, 2011 @ 1:46pm – An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit the northeastern coast of Japan (near the east coast of Honshu) triggering a devastating tsunami (waves as high as 33 feet) affecting other countries as well
  • It was the country’s biggest earthquake ever and the seventh largest on record, according to US Geological Survey data
  • Media reports state that over 800 people died, more than 700 missing while 200,000 have evacuated while villages were washed away. Hardest hit are coastal areas of north-eastern part of the country.
  • All major transportation means (e.g. trains and highways) are stopped in major affected cities, people are unable to access any transportation mean to return back home, many are stuck in their offices or at their train stations
  • Electricity is cut off for about 7,000,000 households
  • The affected population faces major difficulty in telecommunication
  • Aftershocks continue

Children in Japan are keenly feeling the fear and insecurity that often set in following natural disasters. World Vision team departed from Tokyo on March 12th with hopes to do relief distributions and set up Child-Friendly Spaces. Staff will be sent to the affected areas to conduct an assessment of the situation in each area and determine the needs of survivors. First relief supplies (baby food, wipes, warm jackets for 0-6 month year olds) will begin being distributed today, March 14th.

Two ways to donate to Japan quake and tsunami relief — Text ’4JAPAN’ to ’20222′ to give a $10 donation. Or donate online.  

Please pray for Japan. Here is how...

World Vision US staff have translated recent tweets from World Vision Japan office @WorldVisionUSA

Tuesday, 3/29:
Watch updates... VIDEO
More than 27,000 people are dead or missing in Japan following the country's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Nearly three weeks after disaster struck, the recovery remains slow and the shocked nation is trying to grapple with the consequences.
Tuesday, 3/22:
Watch updates...VIDEO #1 VIDEO #2
Monday, 3/21, 1:17 pm PST: The massive humanitarian response involving about 120,000 emergency service personnel continues to assist 367,141 people living in 2,300 evacuation centers.  At least 8,199 people have been confirmed dead with an additional 12,722 people listed as missing. Miyagi Prefecture was the worst hit, with a total death toll of 4,822 people, followed by Iwate with 2,583 confirmed deaths. Attempts to cool the damaged and overheated reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant continue.
Saturday, 9:38 am PST:  From Mitsuko Sobata, Advocacy & Communications Officer, World Vision Japan:
  • 7,348 people have died in total from 12 prefectures
  • 10,947 people are missing in total from 6 prefectures
  • 2,603 people have injured in total from 17 prefectures
*Please continue to pray for those missing and those affected.
Wednesday, 3/16, 2:26 pm PST: Rescue workers are now combing the tsunami-battered region north of Tokyo for survivors and struggling to care for millions of people without power and water in what Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called his country’s worst crisis since World War Two.

Wednesday, 3/16, 11:09 am PST: World Vision teams heading up to Tome city later today (PST time *Thursday morning local time) with blankets, water, and other supplies for 6,000 people

Wednesday, 3/16, 6:11 am PST: Main challenges that face relief staff right now: There have been at least 79 aftershocks and 16 of them have been greater than 6.0 magnitude. These continuing aftershocks and tsunami are hampering the search and rescue efforts. The main highway from Tokyo leading to affected areas is closed, and relief teams traveling must take smaller roads which are also blocked in places with debris. 

In Search of Loved Ones... VIDEO
 It is Snowing Now...VIDEO
Tuesday, 3/15,6:33 am, PST:   How a Nuclear Meltdown Would Happen?  VIDEO

Today, the assessment team will travel to Fukushima, where nuclear contamination has forced the evacuations of tens of thousands of people. The assessment will inform how best World Vision can respond to the needs there.

“Last night, I visited one of the shelters housing some 340,000 people who have been evacuated around the city,” said Mitsuko Sobata, communications and advocacy officer for World Vision Japan. “Children are sleeping on cardboard with one blanket in freezing weather. It was very difficult for me to see that. They’re tired and afraid, and the tragedy they’ve endured is overwhelming.”

Monday, 3/14, 9:13 pm PST: Assessment teams in Japan are gathering water, blankets and diapers to serve an initial 6,000 people in the city of Tome, some 190 miles from Sendai for distribution in the coming days.

Monday, 3/14, 2:01 pm PST: World Vision staff are getting water, diapers, blankets, and powdered milk for thousands outside of Sendai, focusing specifically on children's needs.

Monday, 3/14, 9:54 am PST: At least 340,000 people have evacuated to nearby shelters. The Japanese government has mobilized 100,000 scale teams which are specialized in emergency response from military force (JSDF), police, fire department, Japan Coast Guard together with local administrations.

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