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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leaving for a Month

On the trail again...
I will be living in the Nkhoma Mission Station (built by Dr. David Livingstone in the 1800’s).  This will be the longest I’ve been away from my family.
We will have 80 people from USA that will be joining us in the villages during the next 30 days.  

Above Picture: 
I'm the white guy in the middle of these village chiefs and their wives. This was the largest gathering of chiefs they've ever had.  I was asked to share with them. After the gathering, I was interviewed on Malawian radio. 

FaithQuest Missions will be overseeing teams in the following areas:  construction, medical aid, children’s ministry, sewing, farming, Talking Bibles, Jesus film outreach, and Biblical leadership training.  I personally will be overseeing a small team of teachers that will train over 400 chiefs, village pastors, and lay leaders.  It's going to be a fantastic summer of mission's ministry. 
Thank you for your partnership in His work. Without a team praying, supporting, and encouraging us we would not be able to go and serve.  Keep praying... we are under a lot of spiritual and physical attacks as we move forward 4HisKingdom.
One of the joys of ministry is being able to play with the children in Malawi and visiting our sponsored children.  We have two sponsored children in Malawi... Lackson(6) & Stella(4).

Let me share with you just a few blessings in the last few weeks...

  • I picked up 50 soccer balls and 50 Talking Bibles to take to Malawi.
  • I received an email from a pastor's wife who received a Talking Bible. Over the last 6 months she exposed 861 people to the Gospel through the Talking Bible and 318 accepted Christ.
  • I took a group of pastors/leaders from a church in Irvine to Malawi a little over a year ago... they caught the fire!  Today, this church of about 800 has taken severals service trips back, sponsored over 1,500 children from our villages, purchased 153 Talking Bibles ($50 each), funded hundreds of mosquito nets, funded the drilling of 2 water wells ($6,200 each), and will send a team with me this summer too. 
Please listen to a pastor share her heart in this video. All the footage and pictures where taken on our trip.

Together we can do much!

Lisa and I have appreciated your friendship and would love to have you join our financial support team.  It really would be an encouragement to our family to be caught up financial by time I return (we're almost 2-months behind).  Thank you for your consideration.

Together on the journey,

Carlos & Lisa Sales

Please send tax-deductible donations to...
25016 Adelanto
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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  1. Hi Carlos, Your continuing travel in the name of THE GOSPEL is inspiring to us all who aspire to do exactly what you are doing, but are not capable of, at the moment. In our way we are carrying on as commanded. Thanks for representing us. Press on Bro...peace of the LORD! Hello to Lisa and crew!
    Dale/Sherry Scott


Thank you for your words of encouragement. The Sales Family