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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Gift of Life

"While the body can survive without food for about five weeks, the body cannot survive without water for longer than three days."
Of the more than 6.4 billion people in the world 1 in 6 does not have access to clean water.
Roughly every minute, 3 children die, because of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. 
Clean water can immediately cut death rates in half.
No other humanitarian intervention has a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water.   
Watch this 2:38 video...

"I was thirsty, water is life, and because we don't have water, life is miserable."   ~ a voice from Africa.
Making a difference... 
Irvine, CA ~ One church named New Song Church raised funds for TWO WELLS ($6,200 each) to be drilled in our villages in Malawi. 

Bathgate Elementary School, Mission Viejo, CA ~ One lady's idea of recycling to drill a water well in one of our villages in Malawi. Click to see pictures & story... HERE.

San Clemente, CA ~ One man's idea of doing a New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge raised $10,743 to drill water wells in Malawi.

"As many as 5 million people die every year of water-related illnesses.  This creates a no-win situation for millions of parents in our world today... they can watch helplessly as their children die for lack of water, or they can watch them die from diarrhea, because the only water they have is tainted."  
 Richard Stearns, The Hole in Our Gospel.
"He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done."  Proverbs 19:17

You can make a difference too...
Click HERE and find this picture on our Giving Catalog to give towards the drilling of a water well.

Click on "Donate" button below to support our ministry as we multiply our efforts by mobilizing the church in putting their faith into action.

You Have One Life Do Something!

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