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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Malawi July 2018: "Mark 16:15" by Diana Curry

Leslie, David, John & Javier working on the water pump. 
Wonderful and Javier greeting the village.
"He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creation. "

Today was a living example of doing just that. I am so blessed to be here and part of this wonderful team. Today we started with a great devotion from Wonderful from Luke 24. Then we ate breakfast and headed out to today's village where we were greeted with so much joy and enthusiasm. The women danced and sung and the Chief formally welcomed us. The day was filled with many activities from children's games, to women's ministry. The women enjoyed playing games, sitting and sewing while enjoying swapping stories and testimonies and sharing the love of Christ. And of course the well, which when completed brought the sustaining water of life to this village, Oh the singing and rejoicing was beautiful to witness and be apart of. Our very own Javier brought a wonderful teaching paralleling how Jesus brings life. We finished our time with a delicious traditional African meal of nshima, rice, chicken, and mustard greens offered by the chief. As we left the village the children ran along side our can with a thousand goodbyes. Then we headed to another village and showed the "Jesus" film which we set up in a field. So many people gathered, an the there was such a great response when Team member, Jennifer, shared so beautifully from her heart and Wonderful lead the crowd in prayer. What a glorious day!

We bumped along the road to our first day in the villages. 
Tabitha affectionately calls it “the Malawi massage.”

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