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Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Free Delivery in a Taxi" by Gracie Sales

What a week it's been! Today I caught my 3rd baby for the month. Lately I've been on a 1 baby a month streak and I usually have been getting antsy by the time it's my turn again to assist the newest little life into the world. Tuesday June 14 was a busy day in the birth room. I got to work with my roommate and dear friend Emily as we welcomed my little one and then assisted the other midwives in welcoming two others. All three babies made their appearances in less then two hours. My sweet momma had lost her first baby due to heart defects shortly after delivery and it was a miraculous and healing experience to welcome her second into the world healthy has a clam! On Thursday June 23 I arrived in the clinic around 5:45am and shortly after welcomed baby Prince Gio at 6:29am. His momma came in with 4 minutes to spare and almost delivered in the restroom. And today, Sunday June 26, I was not expecting to catch today as it has only been 3 days since my last and there were others on shift who were "up"/in line before me to deliver. So I assisted with our first of the day, who had a double cord wrapped around her neck but did amazingly. Then I gave a bath to a 6 hour old baby, checked some vital signs, and began a 3 day baby check on Prince Gio and his momma. Both Prince Gio and his mom were doing great and as I was saying goodbye to them I heard a couple honks from outside the clinic. I walked to the hallway just outside the birth room and asked the guard, "is that a taxi?" "I'm not sure..." He replied looking curiously.

"Hurry grab a stretcher!" Called a guard from outside rushing towards us. I ran outside quickly to see the back door of the taxi flung open and a young girl laying on the lap of her husbands in the back seat and a puddle in between her legs. I tried calming her down as I lifted her dress just in time to see a little head slipping out. Without even thinking I quickly grabbed the slippery body as it slid out onto the seat of the taxi. Placing the sopping wet baby on the chest of his mother's I wrapped it in the moms dress and suddenly realized I was alone and not wearing any gloves. "baby out!!!!" I yelled in a bit of a panic and the other midwives rushed out to our aid. We all worked together to get mom and baby into the clinic and don't worry someone even helped clean the taxi! Mom, a 19 year old first time mom was smiling at me as I sat down on the bed next to her after she was finally situated breast feeding her perfect little girl and I had washed my hands and arms thoroughly. "Hi, ako si Grace" (hi, I am Grace) I said and we all laughed and took a deep breath.

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