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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Letter From Your Daughter in the Philippines

Dear daddy, There aren’t words to thank you enough. Thank you for not only taking your role as a father seriously but for modelling to your daughters what a good husband looks like as well. Finding a man good enough for each of us will be a difficult task when we have you to compare to. Thank you for teaching me, modeling for me, and guiding me in the way I should go. Thank you for ALWAYS being my number one supporter and biggest encourager. I have made a lot of big choices in my life, some good ones and some bad ones but you have never let me feel any less then your beloved daughter despite not always agreeing. One of the biggest choices of my life so far was to move so far away to the Philippines for a few years and honestly it was a scary idea at first. The choices that you have encouraged me to make in my life leading up to this one have prepared me for this decision. Your model of Christ’s love for all people of every tongue and nation of this world has given me the courage and the confidence to seek the Lord’s calling on my own life. Thank you for always being a safe haven full of wisdom, comfort, and always pointing me towards Jesus when I am discouraged or feeling insecure. It is the greatest honor to walk under your covering as my father and as your disciple to further God’s kingdom. I love you so much daddy. Happy Father’s Day! Love your, Gracie
17 y/o first big trip to Malawi, Africa
18th birthday with the coolest dad ever!
Countless trips to Mexico and now Nicaragua :)
21st birthday with the baddest cowboy in town.
22 y/o Mozambique, Africa
23 y/o heading off the Davao, Philippines. See you in 2016 daddyoh!

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