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Thursday, April 30, 2015

God's Peace Surrounded Us in the ER

As we transported to the hospital I watched her face as she clung to her bantay (watcher/caretaker), she looked frightened and confused. The attending midwife explained to her that she needed just a check up from a doctor and it was nothing to worry about quite yet. She barely spoke the Visayan language though so her mother-in-law/bantay translated. When we arrived at the hospital it was a stressful and crowded scene of doctors, nurses, and buntis (pregnant mommas) all looking flustered. She turned and walked out. It took some convincing from her bana (husband) and bantay to coax her pack into the crowded room to wait. With a terrified look on her face she nervously sat. I felt overcome with compassion for and asked the midwife if we could pray. We knelt down and put our hands on her knees and I began to pray out loud in the middle of the crowded ER. As I opened my eyes and looked up at her she cracked a faint smile then looked around. I looked around too and noticed all the buntis were watching us and all seemed to quiet and settle down. God's peace like a wave had come and settled the room. Our patient, though still a bit nervous, looked ready to sit there bravely for her baby.

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