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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7 Summits here we come! By Lisa Sales

Lisa is on her way up!
After months of training, I am so excited to fly to Denver in the morning and begin this trek!  From the moment I signed up I knew this would be hard, I just didn't realize how hard.  We begin Monday with one of the most difficult climbs.... We will tackle Mt. Democrat(14,148 ft.), Mt. Lincoln(14,286 ft.) and Mt. Brass(14,172 ft.). 

I am climbing to give exploited and enslaved women and children a voice.  I am committed to engage in this battle; to use my physical strength, my voice, my resources, and  my influence to do what I can to give hope and freedom to these modern day slaves.  I know I will need your prayers.  I know the entire team will need your prayers. 
  • Please pray for safety, for unity, for stamina, for health and for joy!
  • Please pray that our efforts will be multiplied, that we will bring awareness to the issue and that the resources we've raised will save and transform thousands of lives!
  • Please pray that this will be the beginning of the end of human trafficking!!!
Track our progress by going to: .  This blog will be updated daily.

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