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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Olivia's Missions Adventure to Mozambique

Swimming in the Indian Ocean!
The time I spent in Mozambique was wonderful, exciting, stretching and moving. I ate “interesting” things and saw bugs too strange and creepy to describe. I was nervous about a few of the places we went and even more skeptical of the ways we got there. All in all, it was an incredible adventure.

Getting there was an adventure in itself. There was a medical emergency that forced our plane to land in Albuquerque, causing me to miss my connection to Johannesburg and then I was rerouted through London, Heathrow. A long stressful layover in a European Airport (I’m so glad mum hasn’t seen “Taken”) and then arriving in Joburg to missing baggage! Thankfully I was quickly met by Luke & Kristen Rider. The Riders, head up Cross Connection Outreach, they’re the reason we went to Mozambique. Within hours, my dad arrived with the rest of the team and my missing baggage was located and sent on ahead. With everything all sorted, our team of six (Luke, Kristen, Dad, Me, and Peter & Debbie) began our 3 day journey to Mozambique.

Two days after arriving at Luke & Kristen’s house in Villankulos, we took a boat (made by Luke himself) out to one of the rural Islands. We walked from hut to hut visiting and praying over the sick and disabled. We visited the island’s only church (started by Cross Connection) and the leaders asked my dad to teach. Afterwards, we prayed over any members who came forward. I was kneeling, with my hands on a women praying for her, and as I finished, her head suddenly rolled back and only the whites of her eyes were visible. The leaders of the church rushed forward and began to rebuke the demon inside of her, after what seemed like a long time, she was restored and revived. As frightening as that was, I truly saw the power of God through that experience and it made me realize that out of great darkness and oppression comes even greater light and redemption.
Sailing on the Indian Ocean to Bengara Island.
 Fortunately, some days were lighter than others. The day we visited the school to deliver uniforms was a day of joy and celebration and dancing! Like in a storybook, the entire school, staff and all, gathered under the shade of the largest tree I’ve ever seen. Dad shared the gospel using an EvangeCube and when he asked if anyone wanted to pray for a relationship with Jesus, every hand shot up. There were close to 500 souls under that tree! Fitting the uniforms on 150 beautiful kids was such a blessing! Please pray with us that many of the commitments were sincere, and that we’ll be able to send funds to provide uniforms for the rest of the kids at the school.
Mrs. Debbie Cornthwaite & I fitting the children with school uniforms.
The main purpose for our trip and my absolute favorite part was the audio Bible distribution. Driving out into the bush, instructing people how to use the Bibles, encouraging them and actually handing the Bible units to them, brought so much joy to all of us! I got the opportunity to stand up and speak about the importance of Scripture and how hiding the Word of God in your heart is the best thing you can do.
I loved my job at the distributions. I got to stick each person's picture to their audio Bible contract.  
On my trip I was completely out of my comfort zone. I experienced new people, places, foods, smells, lifestyles and a totally new level of spiritual warfare. I am so thankful for prayer, for every verse I had hidden in my heart, for my incredible team, and for all of you. I made it home unscathed, but not unchanged. Your support in prayer and finances made it possible for me to go. Thank you. The gratitude I feel ties in so perfectly with Thanksgiving. The annual tradition, of sitting around a table with family and giving thanks, has been given new life in my eyes. This trip has reminded me that everything we are thankful for always traces back to one source: God. The Heavenly Father, who gave us everything and is the One who gives meaning to everything. I thank you for you generosity towards me and faithfulness towards God. 
The children of the island church :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Awesome! So glad you posted your experience and shared with us. Keep up the amazing work!!!


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