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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sales Family Summer Praise & Prayer Requests

Sales Family Summer Praise
  • Gracie is back home from her 5-month Youth With A Mission (YWAM) DTS Medical Mission’s Trip and doing well. The Lord used the time to reshape her goals and so she's focusing on getting physically healthy and getting ready to start school this fall.  She's been teaching private swimming lesson and also helped with VBS at her new church this summer. 
  • Alison is enjoying a full summer.  She bought her first car, so she's been going out almost every day with friends. She's taking great steps of faith; she lead a college small group Bible study and she just returned from a week long mission’s trip.  She's been down to Mexico with me on 3 different mission’s trips already this year.  It’s been awesome to serve with her. 
  • Olivia graduated from high school and completed her AWANA Citation Award in June.  She’s been working at the local yogurt shop and busy spending time  with her friends before college starts up.  Olivia also helped with VBS and will be leading a 9th grade girls group this year. She will be continuing at Palomar College with her two sisters. 
  • Chase’s oral surgery went well last week. He's reached 5 feet tall and is still skinny as a rail.  Chase’s art teacher submitted one of his paintings to the Del Mar Fair and he won 1st Place and Best In Class (7-12 graders).  Ali nicknamed Chase “Mini-Picasso.”  Chase enjoyed a lot of fun field trips with his summer school class and still loves swimming! 
  • Lisa completed homeschooling all 3 of our daughters all the way from Kindergarten through 12-grade.  She took a QuickBooks class and an Accounting Class, so she can do the RtH bookkeeping for us.   She continues to tutor several students each week in math. 
  • I’ve been blessed that God continues to use me full-time in His Kingdom work.  I’ve led trips to Mexico and Nicaragua and I'm currently planning 2 trips to Africa this October.  One of the trips to Mexico in May was an outreach that involved over 100 people from 27 different churches.  We saw over 50 people come to know the Lord Jesus Christ at this outreach!  It was a wonderful day for everyone!  God has graciously provided ministry work for me to make up for the financial short-falls… I’ve performed over 30 weddings and several memorial services this year.  Plus, I’ve been helping a few churches with some ministry projects.
 Sales Family Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for each one of our children as they prepare to start school again. The 3 girls all have registered for full loads at Palomar College and Chase will be going into the 8th Grade.  ;-)
  • Please pray that we will all stay physically and spiritually healthy.
  • Please pray that Lisa will be able to manage her time well.  She has taken on a lot of new responsibilities for our ministry and continues to tutor math students. 
  • Please pray for Lisa and I… we are taking a Spanish Class together. 
  • Please pray that God will handpick additional team members to join our 2 Africa Teams: Kenya (Oct 13-24) and South Africa to Mozambique (Oct 23-Nov 1).  Olivia is praying about going with me on the 2nd trip from SA to Mozambique.  The other 2 girls went when they were 17 and now it’s her turn.  We need God to work out all the details to make this happen. 
  • Please pray that I will have the energy, focus and wisdom to do all that is on my plate before I leave for Africa in October.  I have 18 weddings scheduled and several shepherd leadership classes to teach as well.

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