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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hundreds Come to Know Christ

The Good New of the Gospel
Saving Hundreds of Lives
On my last trip in April 2009, I took 205 Talking Bibles to Malawi and started a new initiative of Talking Bible Listening Groups in the villages. Last week I received our first reports back...

655 people have accepted Christ through the Talking Bible Listening Groups. 4,661 people have heard the Gospel in our Talking Bible Listening Groups.

Amos Chibisa, the Director of our Chiefs Ministries,
presenting Village Chief with Talking Bible

In July one of our mission's teams ran across this group of women listening to a
Talking Bible by one of the many schools we built in the villages.

"We are encouraging the people to know that God is not condemning them for their illiteracy, but He still loves them and wants them to be saved." Rose Kamwana

Leaving on October 6th

I'm taking a team of farmers to Malawi to teach Farming God's Way
. This is a new initiative that will save lives physically by teaching them how to yield 7-10 times their typical harvest. This is so revolutionizing that World Vision and the Government Agriculture Officers will be attending our first training session.

Please pray that our trainings and meetings
will lay a foundation that will replicate itself all over Malawi. We are taking 100 Talking Bibles. Please pray that they all make it there without problems.

Typical Malawian Corn Field

A Farming God's Way Field, A-MAZING! ;-)
(These two fields are right next to each other.)

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